Holi festival, the Indian festival of colors and love

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India is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, from 28 February to 15 March, is the Holi festival, famous throughout the world, it is among the oldest Hindu celebrations of the spring season and involves thousands of people.

It is known as the festival of colors of joy, love and fun, for adults and children throughout the country expect this anniversary.

The festivities include singing, dancing and throwing colored powder through the streets of cities and villages. People with painted faces are transformed into veritable rainbows and throw themselves upon each other buckets of paint or colored powder.

Tradition also wants the lighting of a bonfire that celebrates the victory of good over evil.
The term Holi in fact, means “burning” and the spirit of evil is symbolically burned in a bonfire.

The festival originates from the Hindu mythology: the god Krishna, jealous of the beauty and innocence of his beloved Radha skin, one day he painted his face with colors.
That’s why the Holi is also the feast of love, which are colored face each other as a sign of love.