Onion Bhaji

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The bhaji (or bhajji or kanda bhaji or, in English, onion onion bhaji or pakora or many other variants) are based version of onions of an Indian appetizer or snack, namely Uttar Pradesh, which is called generically pakora. It is a delicious pancake extremely crisp and spicy with a batter made of chickpea flour, fairly easy to do.

This version includes some spices not easy to find, you can safely omit or substitute, so in fact the recipe is very doable.


With these quantities out 6-8 bhaji.

Finely chop enough onions and chilies lengthwise. In a large bowl, pour the flour, all the spices and salt. Add water, stirring, to obtain a batter without lumps and dense approximately as the dough of a cake or a little less. Transfer the onions and the peppers in the batter and mix well. Let it sit for about ten minutes and then divide into 6-8 groups trying to form balls. It will not be easy because the dough is soft rather (the onions to have made a little ‘liquid), but do not worry. Put to heat the oil in a pot so that it is very deep, at least 5 cm.

When the oil reaches 180 ° C, pour the balls of battered onions. If you do not have a cooking thermometer, put a piece of onion in the oil and begin to fry bhaji when you see frying very intensely. Cook, turning gently, for about five minutes or until they are golden brown. Then remove them from the oil, drop a little ‘fire and wait for it to intiepidiscano enough. Protecting you hands with a kitchen paper, crushed the pancakes until they are a few centimeters high, increase the heat to high and fry it for a few more minutes, or until it will become dark brown like those in the picture or a little more. Oil drain, pat dry with kitchen paper and serve immediately.

Are excellent lemon or sprayed with ketchup or sauces and asprigne, rare case for fried, are also good reheated. Part of the beauty of this recipe is that the taste changes according to the bites, because of the whole spices that are used.

Pakora with other vegetables (spinach, cabbage …) they are almost in the same way.

essential ingredients:

large onions: one and a half.
Gram flour (besan): 100 grams.
Dried chili powder or chopped: half a teaspoon if you use fresh chillies, otherwise a teaspoon or according to taste.
dried turmeric powder: half a teaspoon.
broken coriander seeds coarsely in a mortar: half a teaspoon.
Asafoetida powder: the tip of a teaspoon, v. the end for replacement.
Oil of neutral taste seeds to fry.
Salt, half a teaspoon.
Optional ingredients (in order of importance), which you can change to your taste:

fresh green chiles, two or three.
chopped fresh coriander leaves: few, according to taste.
Fennel seeds: the tip of a teaspoon.
Cumin seeds of Malta or, rather, the Indian black cumin: the tip of a teaspoon.
nigella seeds (often mistakenly sold as onion seeds): a teaspoon.
Indian lovage seeds (or ajowan): a pinch.
rice flour, two tablespoons, makes even more crispy pancakes.
Baking soda: two pinches, makes the pancakes a little ‘lighter (and soft).