The best time to go to India

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India enjoys a tropical climate even if the climatic conditions show considerable differences from region to region. The are three main seasons: winter, summer and the monsoon.

In the winter months (November to March) morning and evenings are cool and the days are warm and sunny. In the northern plains the minimum temperature drops significantly and there is snow on the mountains. In the south and east of the subcontinent in December and January it is pleasantly cool and never very cold.

In the summer months (April to June) the weather becomes very hot, the days become dry with occasional dust storms in many parts of India, and it is during this season that the hilly regions of north and north-east India are fresh and pleasant.

June marks the start of the monsoon in many regions lasts until September. The south west monsoon occurs on the west coast and then move elsewhere. The south eastern regions instead receive most of the rain to affect the north-east monsoon that occurs between mid-October and the end of December.