The typical Indian cuisine

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In India you can find a wide variety of cuisines, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian in the strictest sense, as there are considerable regional variations from north to south, partly because of climatic conditions, in part due to historical influences.

The widespread use of spices, whole, ground, roasted and stewed, determines the unifying feature of an otherwise very diverse cuisine. Each region has its own particular cuisine, although some dishes are available throughout the country.

The cuisine of the north

The North Indian dishes, characterized by the Moghul cuisine, have chapattis (round shaped fried bread), rice with Dal (lentil curry), sauces, a dish of vegetables or meat, pappads (potato waffles or roasted until they become crispy), yogurt and pickles.

The southern cuisine

Meals of South India are the Idli (steamed rice), dosas (savory pancakes crispy cakes), vada, sambar (a curry of lentils sour and hot with vegetables), the Upama, and the coconut chutney. Here the central element of the meal is a rice-based. In Kerala the fish is boiled in coconut milk and delicately flavored with curry leaves.

All along the coast, mainly in the Northeast the fish is consumed as a staple food.

to drink

Chai (tea) and coffee are the most popular drinks.