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Vegetarian dishes

Panir Kaju Pasanda
Low-fat cheese and cashew nuts cooked in a delicious sauce with the traditional fresh spices

Panir Tikka
Low-fat cheese marinated and cooked in “Tandoor”

Vegetable Jal Freji with Soya Chuncks
Medium spicy mixed vegetables with soya chunks

Palak Panir
Low-fat cheese in spicy spinach cream

Bhindi Masala
Lady Finger (Okra) spicy

Matar Panir
Low-fat cheese with peas

Kofta Masala
Meatballs of mixed vegetables in a creamy sauce

Mushroom Matar
Mushrooms and peas cooked in a yoghurt sauce

Aloo Gobi
Savory meat, potatoes and cauliflower

Baigon Bharta
Chopped grilled eggplant in spicy sauce

Chatpata Chana
White chickpeas in a tasty curry sauce

Tarka Dal(Makhni)
Vegetables of the day in fried Spiezie

Dum Aloo
Potatoes in ginger sauce, onions and garlic finely grated

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Chopped cucumber, tomato and carrot yoghurt